“Elevate Your Brand” conference covers a transformative journey through essential aspects in brand development. You will explore foundational elements such as core pillars, DNA, and strategic frameworks. Topics cover competitor analysis, perceptual mapping, customer profiling, USP identification, and visual brand essence.


Through these talk, participants will gain deep insights into brand identity and revolutionize their approach to building brands that resonate and endure in the market. Carmela’s talk serves as a guiding light towards crafting impactful brand identities.


Date: 5th of May 2024.

Location: MAISON 11. Cuarta Avendida, Caracas, 1060, Miranda, Venezuela.

online WEBINAR:



This comprehensive program consists of 12 video modules, each running between 10-15 minutes for a total of 2 hours of in-depth content. These modules serve as your gateway to crafting the foundational elements of your brand, including its core pillars, DNA, and strategic framework.


With topics ranging from competitor analysis to creating perceptual maps, defining customer profiles, identifying your USP, and exploring the visual essence of your brand, you’ll gain a deep understanding of every aspect of brand building. Transform the way you approach building your brand’s identity.


Elevate your brand book with clarity and creativity. From layouts to expert advice, it’s all included:


With our template, we provide more than just visual guidance. We offer a a comprehensive resource that simplifies the process of creating a cohesive brand identity, saving you time and ensuring that your brand is consistently presented across all touchpoints. With easy-to-use layouts, expert tips, and clear guidance on everything from establishing a coherent visual language to brand messaging, our Brand Book Template is packed with insights that will elevate your brand’s presence.


Join Carmela and Ines for exclusive 101 Zoom sessions. Experience personalized guidance and analysis tailored to your needs as a brand, creative, student or entrepreneur.
Each package includes digital planners and our goal management kit. During each session, we will dive into your profile, analyzing every aspect to uncover your untapped potential. With our wealth of experience and keen eye for detail, we will identify areas of improvement, devise effective strategies, and empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

Your journey begins today!


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